Start Selling Energy!

Your energy story is about to begin!

  • You have the energy product!
  • You have your first customer!
  • Now all you need to do is to deliver the energy!

To start a delivery you need to set up a connection to the energy world. This is what the Energy Delivery Service will do for you.

This service validates requests for new deliveries and handles all the market messaging between the actors on the Swedish energy market. By using our product you don’t need to worry about the technicalities yourself.

We do that for you!

Invoice your customers!

The Story continues!

  • Using the previous service the energy delivery is now up and running
  • The next step is to start invoicing your customer for energy
  • All you need to know is how much energy your customer used

This service provides your billing system with the consumption data needed to invoice your customer.

This service collects energy consumption as time series data that can be used for invoicing. The consumptions can be exported in different formats depending on your IT system’s needs.

Beyond billing!

The data available through out services create a good foundation for further uses beyond billing. Complement your sales process with insights gained from the customer events in the energy market.

When your customer moves to a different address, you can be the first to know!

This service can be queried for events related to your deliveries and customers. Some typical events could be state changes in the delivery process, customers changing energy supplier or customers moving to a different address.

It can also provide export of consumption data for analysis or presentation.

Want to enter the Swedish Energy Market without any hassle? Contact us!